Financial Advisory Services

At William Howard & Co., we help clients achieve their financial goals. Working with our professionals, clients realize the goals they set through a proven and planned strategy that emphasizes commitment, education, evaluation, monitoring, and success. This becomes possible by developing a relationship of trust and learning—guiding clients into a secure financial future.

Our customized planning solutions focus on areas of insurance, investment, income tax, education, retirement, gifting, and estates.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer financial advisory services that develop comprehensive financial plans, single purpose financial plans, consultation planning, and annual retainer agreements.


William Howard & Co. Financial Planning Process

Step 1: Client Initial Meeting

This step is the beginning of the planning process where we get to know clients better during an introduction and interview meeting. We obtain qualitative and quantitative Information, and work to understand client’s personal and financial circumstances.

Step 2: Financial Planning Process

Once we have a better understanding of client information, we work with clients to identify, select, and prioritize their goals and objectives. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current financial situation and then consider an alternate course of action if necessary. Using the analysis, plan recommendations are developed to accomplish goals and objectives.

Step 3: Presentation of the Financial Plan

During this stage of the financial planning process, we share with our clients the results of our analysis and recommendations on how to proceed. We provide detailed documentation of the financial plan, and we provide opportunities to thoroughly examine and understand the actions we recommend.

Step 4: Implementation of the Recommendations

We work together with clients to address implementation responsibilities for the plan. The client collaborative process helps to guide our identification and selection of actions, products, or services. Using a team approach, we coordinate with other financial professionals when necessary to implement plan recommendations.

Step 5: Monitoring the Plan

The planning process is constantly evolving, and our client partnership does not end after plan implementation. We help clients monitor their progress over time, and we offer update services that collect current qualitative and quantitative information to measure changes and govern needed adjustments.