Investment Advisory Services 

The investment advisory process at William Howard& Co. follows an academic-based, client-centered approach designed to assist our clients in meeting their investment objectives while mitigating risk. All portfolios are customized to reflect the unique financial situation and personal risk tolerance of our clients. Our philosophy is grounded on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory.

Modern Portfolio Theory guides the advisory process at William Howard. Asset class selection—how assets are allocated—is the dominant factor in determining total portfolio return. We believe a long-term, diversified asset allocation strategy is the best method for clients to achieve their financial goals. The design and management process for our customized portfolios is completed in-house and in consultation with our clients. Charles Schwab acts as the primary custodian of our client assets.


Investment advising at William Howard & Co. follows a client-centered, strategic process:








Step 1: Establish, Develop, and Define

We recognize client goals and values are unique, and our customized investment planning process provides tailored solutions to establish a solid foundation and a confident path forward. This starts by developing a client investment policy statement that will help quantify investment objectives, set investment parameters and constraints, establish procedures for selecting investments, define appropriate asset classes, and establish acceptable procedures for comparing and evaluating investments.

Step 2: Implement

Once management decisions are defined, the action of implementing this custom plan begins. We follow the parameters and constraints of the investment policy and design an investment portfolio whose risk level and performance are consistent with the specific needs of the client.

Step 3: Monitor

Our goal is to help clients stay on track toward their long-term objectives. Our process is designed to provide ongoing supervision of investment policies and strategies. We collaborate with clients to measure progress through regular conversations, digital client portal access, and quarterly performance reports.

Step 4: Evaluate and Modify

Life changes over time, and client opportunities and challenges can require fine tuning or rebalancing investment portfolios. Our supervision and evaluation processes support adjustments that incorporate new planning elements while focusing on long-term goals.